These two lovebirds were an instant match.

Meeting on, they began dating back in 2017, and by 2019 they were inseparable and engaged! I knew right away when meeting these two to discuss their wedding, that their laid back and playful style was going to be a great fit for my brand and an even better fit for each other as a married couple. 

The funny thing is,

as they discussed getting engaged, Rachel told Brian, “Just don’t propose to me before I have to go to work”. So one day…before work, Rachel wanted to get some exercise in and walk around the block, so Brian got all geared up with his backpack and water bottle, walking stick, special shoes, compass…ok, I may have made some of that stuff up. But…he got waaaaaay over prepared for a walk around the block because he wanted to propose to Rachel and had the ring in the backpack. Super cute idea…but also…Rachel was soon headed off to work, so Brian was already breaking her rule. I like his style.

As they walked he looked for the perfect spot to propose,

but for some reason, the stars were not aligning and Rachel was calling back to him “Hurry up, I need to get ready for work”. So eventually they made it back home and as Rachel was getting ready to leave for work, he popped the question! Hahahaha, I love it. Good job, Brian. Rachel of course said yes and cried. Then she wiped her happy tears away and headed out the door. I imagine this is when Brian finally felt some relief and relaxed knowing he got the girl!

About the engagement shoot.

I will keep this part super short. We explored around Marshalls Falls in the Poconos. We encountered some local hillbillies who were blowing off 1/4 sticks of dynamite, trying to chase us away. We had a little chat with these creeps and then continued on and had an amazing shoot. Rachel and Brian were super cute together, very relaxed, and were sooooooo fun to spend time with. My bro Marty came along to shoot a bit of video so we could surprise these two with a nice little behind the scenes video. That’s my story. 

I am really looking forward to their upcoming wedding at Bear Creek Resort in Macungie, Pa, later this year.

Thanks for checking out these sweeties!