The way these two met and fell in love is really something special.

Like many couples, these two met online, went on a couple of dates, and did the standard getting to know each other game. Where it gets interesting is, after having only known each other for three weeks, Vicky and Paul decided to backpack in the dense forest of the Poconos for three days. Vicky’s family and friends were not happy that she was venturing into the woods with a man she had just met online. Afterall, this is the premise of a couple of horror movies, right? Vicky wants you all to know that Paul is a scientist and in the military so he definitely could have murdered her and gotten away with it, but that wasn’t how this trip panned out. Over these few days together, these two proved their worth to each other, and ultimately began to fall in love. 

This is why for their wedding photos, they wanted to revisit the forest and the vista where they  backpacked during that first summer together. I was honored to have been chosen to document this very important time and location. 

How he proposed…

The two went out to dinner then walked Longwood Gardens. In 2017, they made wishes at the DuPont House Wishing Well but Paul’s coin missed the fountain. In 2018, Paul said he wanted to go back to the fountain for a second shot at his wish. They used various sized coins to make little wishes. He gave a Susan B. Anthony coin and asked what Vicky’s biggest wish was. Paul proclaimed that his biggest wish was to spend their lives together and kneeled. Vicky cut him off and said yes before he finished the question. One their wedding day in the Poconos, Paul handed Vicky three coins representing his three wishes for them, and it was amazing.

The ceremony was at Arrowhead lakes, and could not have been more intimate.

They quietly read personal vows to one another, exchanged a few laughs, as well as a few tears. In the vows, I swear I heard Vicky mention how she didn’t like bugs…after I just had them in the woods with lots of creatures for the past hour. That is dedication. These two were up for anything during their shoot, and the pursuit of moments and art were our combined focus. I think we totally nailed it, and created portraits that signify this beautiful time in this couples life. Take a look at what we created together below, and enjoy!