Last year I had the pleasure of photographing Brittany & CJ’s epic wedding, and now we came together to document the next exciting stage in their adventure…a maternity session to celebrate this amazing time in life. Brittany & CJ are the kid of people I could hang out and laugh with ALL DAY. They are kicking ass at life, but keeping it light along the way. I am so excited to see them as parents to a baby girl.

At their wedding I had my man Marty there to assist, and at the end of the night CJ, I think, was thinking about adopting Marty. There was a strong connection there, let’s just say that. So when we were discussing this shoot, they joked that Marty NEEDED to be there. So…you think I took that as a JOKE? Nope…I got Marty on the phone to tell him of the request and he replied “Oh hell yeah”. So I brought him out to shoot a little behind the scenes action, and reunite with CJ. It was really a glorious day, with huge smiles, beautiful light, and big hugs with friends who I couldn’t be happier for. Enjoy a few samples of what we created together.