Engagement Photography at Lake Wallenpaupak

When Melissa and Shawn first booked me as their wedding photographer at Shawnee on the Delaware, they told me of their love for the Poconos, the Delaware River, and especially, Lake Wallenpaupak. So when it came time for the engagement session, we headed to the lake. This is the place where these two fell in love, and where Shawn ultimately asked Melissa to be his wife. It was a beautiful day out on the boat, that they both cherish as a favorite memory.

These two are not awkward.

Like most couple I photograph, these two…well…mainly Melissa, was worried about being awkward on camera. It didn’t take more than a few minutes to watch her and Shawn ease right into this session and connect with each other, leaving the photography stuff up to me. It is this trust that we build together that allows me to capture authentic moments and emotions in the couples I photograph.

What they love most is,

their daughter Makayla, enjoying a day on their boat, or traveling to a car show.

Spending time with these two was really easy. They have an appreciation for art, and really allowed me to be creative and have fun with them. Shout out to my buddy Mike for an assist and for laughing along the way. We really had an amazing day out in nature. Being a Poconos Photographer is the best!