The Wehr Family is growing!

I seriously cannot be more excited for my friends Erin and Ryan. Over the years we have become good friends and my wife (Brenda) and I cried (and then had to call Erin) as soon as we got the news of their pregnancy. These two both come from such amazing families, so to know how loved this baby boy is going to be makes my heart so happy.

Kicking it old school.

Erin and Ryan grew up only 4 miles apart from one another, went all the way through schooling in the same district, but never knew one another growing up. I guess they ran in different crowds. I like to imagine Ryan wore a real edgy leather jacket and smoked with his leg bent back leaning on a brick wall while Erin ran past going to cheerleading practice. That’s probably inaccurate, but my mind is affected by 80’s Joh Hugh film scenes.

After they both graduated college and started their careers, their paths finally crossed for real. These two were just two teachers starting their careers and soon became friends as they bonded over their love of sports.  It wasn’t long until this friendship turned into true love.

Then Came Marriage.

They were Married June 25, 2016 at The Farm at Eagles Ridge in Lancaster, PA. It’s a rustic chic  wedding venue with so many awesome photo spots!  The day was full of happy tears, big laughs, and lots of celebrating with all of their friends and family. It was an honor to spend the day as their photograher and friend. Click here to check out their wedding day photos and video.

When the stars align.

Although the baby making process can be a lot of fun, ya know, practicing…sometimes there are struggles on your way to creatign a new life.  Erin & Ryan experienced a few heartbreaks of loss along the way… but they found out in August 2018 that they were expecting their little rainbow baby! They already have a wonderful little family with two dogs and a cat and they’re thrilled to be welcoming a baby boy to the crew in April!  I’m so excited for these guys!  May I present to you the Wehr family 2019!


Lean backkkkkkkk.

What, are we in Montana? ?

This is the exact spot they stood and exchanged their vows in 2016.

I love you guys!