Oh man. Where to start with Corey and Kyle.

It’s impossible to be around these two and not have a ridiculously good time. Goofballs that know how to have a good time. My type of people. I originally met Corey while photographing her twin sisters wedding! Corey was such a blast to hang with and we immediately hit it off. Then later in the day, I met Kyle. I immediately commented on his impeccable beard and I’m pretty certain he responded with something sarcastic and typical of Kyle like, “Yeah, I get that all the time.”

Fun and Adventurous.

That is what this engagement session in the wilderness of the Poconos was from start to finish. We met at a small location where these two like to bring the dog for walks and just chill. As soon as they mentioned that it was a special spot to them, I knew it would be perfect. As we entered the forest from the parking lot, I could already see some great pockets of light coming through the trees. 


Lens Flares and Big Smiles.

This is what I am all about on a shoot like this. Corey and Kyle brought the cuteness and were super comfortable in front of the camera. The sun came through as I mixed natural light and off camera flash to com up with varying looks throughout the shoot. 

The way the light subtly highlighted Corey in these close ups was soooooo beautiful.

Ok…so maybe she didn’t wear the most appropriate footwear for hiking through mud and rocky terrain, but that is why she has Kyle here.

“Hey look a bird”. Or something. 

Some waterside cuddles.

Piggyback rides are easier than strapping those shoes back on at this point.

Oh wait, what’s that down there…

I feel bad for the poor person who walked out of the woods that day with only one boot!

That’s the, I can’t wait to marry your dumb ass look.

We ended on a pretty epic note.

After the shoot was over, we headed to a local pub to share a beer and a few more laughs.

These two are a couple of my favorites, that for sure. Eventually, I photographed their wedding and then they had a baby! This past year following their adventures as parents to Hudson has been some of my favorite social media content. That is one lucky kiddo to call these two parents. I am happy to call these two, friends.