This Poconos Engagement session was at Camp Shohola.

Mikaela and Dan are a laid back, and outdoorsy couple who are getting married this Fall at Camp Shohola in the Poconos. We scheduled their engagement shoot on a day when they were walking through some of the cabins with camp director Duncan. Duncan and his wife Holly are the proud third generation owners and directors at this wonderful summer camp! I was so impressed with Duncan’s warm personality, his vest for camp life, and the beautiful grounds at Camp Shohola. Mikaela and Dan pieced a wedding venue that fits their style to a T.

As we began our session,

these two were instantly comfortable snuggling and being affectionate. We talked about their wedding vision and about Dan’s upcoming test to be a Blackhawk helicopter pilot. I just found out that he passed the exam and was accepted into the training program. Amazing. 

These guys care.

Dan is a firefighter and Mikaela is a nurse. These two are a power team of caring and compassion for others. They both have a deep sense of commitment to each other, Mikaela’s son Joshua, and their community. It was so easy to chat with them and see the great qualities that they see pithing each other. 

During this shoot,

The light was directly overhead, very intense, and lots of fun to play with. Hard light can be very challenging, but also very dramatic to shoot in. So when they suggested a 12pm shoot time, I didn’t think twice. The relaxed style of the shoot allowed me to be more experimental and less traditional than I can typically be on a wedding day. My wedding day photography tends to be much more photojournalistic, focusing on moments. So it’s fun to get to play a little bit in different and challenging light. This was seriously a perfect day and I think it is a great precursor to what an amazing wedding day these two will have this September at Camp Shohola!