The Backstory:


Nick first met Brooke when they were just 15 years old working at Wegmans together. At that time, they would causally chat and were friendly with each other, but Brooke was going to make Nick work. Nick was already in love (can you blame him) and working up the courage to shoot his shot. I can picture him in the break room at work, splashing water on his face and talking himself up saying, “Come on, you got this”, “Of course she’ll go out with you, just look at you”, as he fixes his hair. After the psych up exercise, Nick approached Brooke with cool confidence and casually asked for Brooke’s number. Brooke replied as the strong teenage version of herself with “You think you are just going to ask for my number?” So with that remark, Nick took the sign that is was time to look for love in other places, and he moved on from his pursuit of Brooke…for now.


The second attempt:


Now if you know Nick, you know he is not a guy who gives up easily. We now fast forward a few years, and the pair at back at Wegmans and this time, they kind of notice one another. It was one of those instances where you are both on the same page, picking up on the same vibe. So they stumbled into a conversation, and both left feeling like they had a great chat…but they left it at that. I think Nick was developing a new technique here and he wanted to leave Brooke wanting more. I like his moves here. He’s onto something.


Third times a charm:


After leaving things on simmer for a few more years, Nick not being able to shake Brooke from the back of his mind, decided it was time to reach out once more and see if he could land a date with this illusive creature. The pair, now more mature and have experienced the battlefield we call love, was ready to meetup, have a date, and see if there was really anything between them. So around Valentines day, they got all decked out, went out to dinner, and instantly fell for one another. If this isn’t an inspiring love story, I don’t know what is. Eventually Nick ask Brooke to marry him, she said yes, they planned an amazing wedding day…and that is what you are going to see below. Enjoy, and congrats to two of the loveliest people I know!

The guys:

I met the guys early in the day at a hotel where they listened to hiphop, tried to figure out how suspenders work, and helped each other get into clothes that probably won’t still be on by the time they make it to the dance floor later that day. I even jumped in and helped the guys get geared up for the day.


The Ladies:

When I arrived at Folinos, the ladies were relaxing in robes, drinking mimosas, and getting pampered by the super talented team at Alisha Nycole! After photographing some of the bridesmaids doing their thing, I moved on to documented the florals and details and yoooooooooo…take a look at what Allium Floral Designs put together!

The Ceremony:

The ceremony was picture perfect in every way. Folinos Estates is a beautiful backdrop for any wine loving couple to say their “I do’s”. Pastor John Schwartz lead a very heartfelt and amazing ceremony that was personal and poignant.


As a Wedding photographer I am hired to capture all the moments and beautiful details of a wedding day, but as an added bonus, when we have a few minutes to create some amazing portraits together, I feel like I am giving the couples even more value. These are the photos that wow people when hanging on your wall, and is a super fun time for the couple to enjoy a little one on one time as newlyweds before we head into the party!

Dances, Speeches, and party!

Dj’s make the party!

Shout out to the amazing Kevin Rhude at Sound Factor for rocking an amazing party. This guys is a total pro, super fun personality, and amazing to work with. My hat is off to him and Sound Factor for a great night. We couldn’t have done it without you!

The end of my blog post but just the beginning for these two!

Special thanks to Folino Estate for an all around perfect day. The staff here is run like a well oiled machine and the food was delicious. Thanks for all the hard work you do for our couples, it really means a lot!




Venue: Folino Estate

340 Old Route 22, Kutztown, Pa

Hair & Make up:  Alisha Nycole

Cake: Vegan Treats

Florist: Allium Floral Design

Officiant: Pastor John Schwartz

DJ: Ambient DJ – Sound Factor – Kevin Rhude

Photographer: Mackey Photo & Video