Bri and Bruce are two of my favorites. I met Bri a few years back while attending a mutual friends wedding in Austin Texas. On the last day of the trip someone mentioned to us that “Hey Bri, you are getting married…hey Pete…you are a photographer”, so once we arrived back home we connected, I met Bruce, and we scheduled and engagement shoot as well as their wedding! I immediately felt a strong connection with these two. They love to laugh, are both creative and hard working, and absolutely adore one another. If you want to see the beauty of their wedding day along with a wild dance party, check out that blog post, HERE.

Things are getting pretty serious.

So, I guess you could say these two are really going for it! They are creating another human being! How amazing. This is going to be one lucky and very loved kid, I can tell you that! She will no doubt, have Bri’s style and 100% have all of Bruce’s heart. I am seriously so excited for them. And their families…oh boy…they have GOT TO be over the moon with joy.

The session…

Bri knew she wanted a wintery style shoot, so we were chose a date and crossed out fingers. A few days before out shoot we got the first real snow of the season and I got a text from Bri saying “soooooo…hopefully this snow sticks around”. Living in the Poconos, I know that it can snow one day and be sunny and 60 degrees the next, so I cheerfully responded “it’ll be perfect!”, then envisioned a snowy forest with enough tree cover to protect it from a lot of direct sunlight. Luckily when I arrived a few minutes early to our location and found out that it was locked up for the season, I saw a snowy path leading into the woods. I took a stroll, and did a quick 360 spin, confirming in my mind that THIS was the perfect spot!

The temperature

Ok, so it was literally below freezing out, ok. Yes…I lead a pregnant woman into a slippery snow covered forest on the coldest day of the year. Am I proud of this? Kind of. Did I feel bad for how cold it was? Yes. Do I have any control over the weather? No. Ok. So cut me a break. Bruce did a great job of snuggling his wife in and keeping her warm, and we kept it moving! We photographed the last few moments of that golden sun, and then made our way to a cliffside, to catch the last few minutes of light which resulted in an amazing sunset.

This shoot was seriously so heart warming (and hand numbing). I knew I wanted these guys not have the most beautiful photos ever to mark this special time in their lives, because they absolutely deserve it. So…without any more of my ramblings…they are having a baby girl…I didn’t ask the name because I know many people like to keep that private and not share it until the birth because other people and their opinions can be weird.


(Friend)”Hey what are you naming your daughter”.

(Pregnant Woman)”Oh we decided to name her Karen”.

(Friend)”Ohhhhhh…I used to work with a lady named Karen. She always microwaved fish on her lunch break and would piss off the whole office”.

(Pregnant Woman) “Okkkkk…well great seeing you. Byeeeeeeeeeee.”