How It all Began…

Briana & Bruce met back in 2006 when they were in ninth grade. A year later, they found themselves getting to know each other while on a class trip to Hershey. Each night of the trip, they hung out at the Cocoa Beanery and instantly became close friends. After high school life would take them their separate ways, but a year later, fate would bring them back together. Bri miraculously found Bruces’ keys one day while on a walk and it was this serendipitous moment that started this next chapter in their lives. Losing stuff, which Bruce thought was his fatal flaw, actually wound up being his saving grace! Funny how that stuff works. Since being together, these two have bought a house, got 2 great dogs, got engaged and married, and have had some awesome adventures. 

They got married at the top of Blue Mountain in Palmerton, Pa on the most beautiful day imaginable. Their wedding party and family were simply the best. The whole wedding day was filled with laugher and crazy dance moves. But before we get to those let’s take a look at some of their details.

The details…


The wedding party looks on as the bride and groom have their first look at Blue Mountain Resort.


Bri and her little bro have the sweetest bond.


Blue Mountain has the BEST ceremony location around the Poconos.


Because we had a few minutes, we snuck in some portraits before the start of the ceremony. The views atop of Blue Mountain were stunning.


Ok, let’s get this wedding ceremony started.


I loved this moment when the sun came out and flared right into my lens. It made shooting challenging, but gave the images an added artistic touch.

After the ceremony…

As cocktail hour passed, I noticed the light starting to change and get warmer looking. Through the glass windows of the ski lodge I could see that the light on the other side of the resort was doing something interesting. When I walked around the building I saw the light that gets us photographers super excited and I quickly ran to Bri and Bruce to grab them, right as Sam was starting to gather up the wedding party for introductions. I told her of the epic light and she said “go” (because she is the besttttttt).


We turned the corner and the sun was dropping fast, so I had them get together in the middle of the parking lot and we created these next few photos in a matter of 3 minutes.


After all that, we barely made it back in time for introductions, and their crew did not disappoint.


Let the dance party antics begin!


Belly flop or the worm?


I had some good conversations with Grandpa. He knows how to party!


These guys had the ultimate Dad moves on the dance floor. I’m sure they have the tightest lawns in their neighborhoods and can whip out the cheesiest jokes on command.

My favorite shot.

I try to end every night with an awesome night photo. This is a light painting with a 15 second shutter delay. I basically ran around the couple in the pitch black dark and they laughed thinking there was no way what I was doing would create a photo. When I said “nailed it guys” and they came walking down the hill to see the back of my camera, Bruce said “Man, I don’t even understand how that just happened, but I love it”. I love you guys!


Here are a few photos of the amazing album Bri and Bruce got.