Heyyyyyyyyyy, this is no secret… Albums are my favorite!

I print one BIG album at the end of each year of all my favorite family photos. If we take a vacation or have a big life event, I’ll also create one to remember that as well. They’re so much fun to share when friends and family come by. The best though is when I catch the kids flipping through an album on their own. One time Madelyn called me over to show me a specific photo from one of them. She said, “Daddy look at this picture of me riding my first bike”. I responded by sarcastically saying, “Wow, honey, I’ve never seen this photo before”. She laughed and realized I was being silly because I photographed it, edited it, and designed it into an album. THESE are the moments that make me so thankful that I made decisions to print years ago, because I get MORE enjoyment out of them as time passes. 

Albums tell a story.

If a stranger were to pick up your wedding album, they should be able to understand many aspects of your day. They should get a feeling for what it must have been like to be there. What it FELT like. How amazing is that? Have you ever picked up an album and been transported to the time when the photos were taken? If not, your future self certainly will… and your future self is going to thank you.

My favorite experience with Pete was collaborating to design our album. Pete bent over backwards to bring my designs to life. Our album is beyond amazing, and easily one of our most prized possessions. I have extremely high expectations, both for myself and for the people around me. Pete’s high caliber of customer service exceeded my expectations.

Sarah + Trevor

Albums are the best. I can’t wait to design YOURS.  Here’s some examples of what yours could look like:

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