As a pure bred ENFP personality type, I can be described as a free spirit. I am energetic, compassionate, and at my best when forging social and emotional connections with others. I am among the ranks on only  7% of the world population, and proud of it! 
Photo Credit: Eric Talerico

As the owner of Mackey Photo, and the leader to my team, our goal as your family historians is to create images and capture moments that will become your most treasured keepsake. Images that will transport you back to the happiest day of your life, and allow you to relive beautiful fleeting frames in time once again. I am honored every time we’re selected to document a couple’s special day and as a genuine thank you we commit to delivering images that will absolutely blow you away. 

It’s my passion for life, laughter, and for relationships that pushes me to create and capture powerful images for families. I’m a photographer every day, not only on a wedding day. Photography has given me the ability to share my talents of storytelling, artistic expression, and joy with all that allow me to photograph them. That to me, is a special thing. 

Family comes first. Always. I believe all people have value and deserve to be seen. Life is meant to be a celebration and the volume should be cranked up to 11. Life is hard and we were thrown into it, but we have each other, and that means we are always going to be alright, no matter what.
Nothing is more important to me than family. My business is a very personal one, and I not only want to learn about you and your families, but I want you to know me and my family. Below I will introduce you to my wife and two kids. I trust that the photographs will give you a good glimpse into who they are and how I aim to capture the essence of a person in each image I create.


Brenda is the most beautiful, supportive, selfless, and hardworking woman I know. There is no one else I could imagine calling my wife. Without Brenda, this photography thing could not be possible. When we meet, and work together, she will be wrangling these two crazy kids.


 She’s 13 years old. She’s tiny. But no single human has impacted my life in such a profound way like Madelyn has. It is hard to find words to do this kid justice. She is the absolute light of our lives. She gave me the best job in the world when she made me her Dad. Madelyn is the sweetest big sister, the most curious learner, an explorer, storyteller, and all around beautifully talented child.


Silas is a walking meme. This kid is seriously hilarious, and keeps us laughing on a daily basis. Silas is determined in everything he does. His birth story is pretty crazy and awesome. Ask me about it when we meet. I thought it would be hard for anyone to come close to Madelyn’s cuteness, but like I said, the kid is determined. Silas rounds out our family perfectly, and I couldn’t imagine life without him.

I am a memory junkie. Our family photo albums are some of my most treasured keepsakes. Our memories printed in albums is how we show our children they matter. It’s how we keep the stories of our past adventures alive. We also treasure some of our grandparents keepsakes. Honoring and celebrating those who came before us is important in our family.